Marine Hull Insurance

Scope of Coverage

Marine Hull (boat) Insurance protect against loss/ damage on Hull and Machinery.

Protection Plan & Benefits

Marine Hull insurance may be effected by the owner of vessels, charterers under charter party and/or financial institution and any parties acquiring the insurable interest on the vessels.

Type of Cover Available

1) On Hull and Machinery
2) Increased Value and disbursement
3) Shipbuilder and Repairer Insurance

Scope of Cover

  • Institute Time Clauses – Hulls 1.10.83
  • nstitute Time Clauses – Hulls Total Loss, General Average and 3/4ths Collision Liability (including salvage, Salvage Charges and Sue and Labor
  • Institute Time Clauses – Hulls Total Loss Only (Including Salvage, Salvage Charges, and Sue and Labor) 1.10.83
  • Institute Time Clauses – Hulls Disbursements and Increased Value (Total Loss Only, including Excess Liabilities)
  • Institute War and Strike Clauses
  • Institute Time Clauses – Hulls Port Risks 20.5.87.
  • Institute Protection And Indemnity Clauses Hulls – Time 20.7.87
  • Institute Yacht Clauses

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Important Notice!

The information of the insurance plan is up to date at the time of this website is published. As time goes on, the information could be amended or revised by the insurer and the authority. If such event happen, the insurer’s version is the most correct. For detailed coverage and protection, kindly refer to your policy contract.